Breakthrough Technology Dramatically Increases Broadband Speeds and Reliability

Ikanos NodeScale™ Vectoring technology enables service providers to deliver advanced high-speed multimedia services via traditional copper networks. NodeScale Vectoring virtually eliminates the crosstalk that occurs on copper wire across an entire node – from 192 to 384 ports. By identifying and canceling crosstalk interference, independent of binder, cable or chassis, NodeScale Vectoring increases robustness and reliability, resulting in dramatically increased broadband throughput speeds.

NodeScale Vectoring is a comprehensive and scalable approach for both legacy and next generation network deployments. This helps the carrier realize the benefit of NodeScale Vectoring across their entire FTTN network. The architecture of Ikanos’ central office solution allows carriers to use a single line card to support upgrades on a line-by-line basis for a pay-as-you-go vectored network deployment

Download the NodeScale Vectoring product brief (PDF).

Key Features

  • Architecture scalable from 8 ports to 384 ports
  • Pay-as-you-go upgrades
  • Efficient use of backplane resources
  • Low latency (<1 sync symbol)
  • Maximum flexibility and upgradability
  • Low component count approach
  • Low power consumption