Advanced Technologies for Robustness and Reliability

The demands of next-generation networks are driving the need for advanced access technologies that can deliver 100+ megabits/second performance, connect homes easily to backbone networks and enable the cost-effective provisioning and distribution of a variety of new revenue-generating services including multiple high-definition television streams, distance learning, video conferencing, telemedicine, and more.

But delivering high-speed access is not enough. As new bandwidth-intensive applications are adopted, new technologies are required to ensure the robustness and reliability of broadband delivery. Ikanos offers a variety of innovative technologies to addressing differing noise interferences.

Ikanos NodeScale Vectoring technology dramatically increases broadband speeds and reliability in real world deployments.  Ikanos’ advanced binder-independent vectoring technology allows DSL networks to address the time-variant crosstalk conditions – like far end crosstalk (FEXT)  and other unpredictable changes within the copper infrastructure that would otherwise limit capacity and reach. With NodeScale Vectoring technology service providers will be able to extend very high-speed Internet access and new critical services without having to incur the high costs of installing complete fiber-to-the-home networks.

Ikanos’ approach is comprehensive – addressing all interferers – and expanding robustness, reliability, throughput rates and reach.

Ikanos is recognized for its innovation and standard-setting leadership. We continue to drive the development of new standards through our involvement in a range of industry groups.