inSIGHT Broadband eXperience Manager (BXM)

Optimized for the company’s family of Fusiv Vx185 A/VDSL2 communication processors, the inSIGHT BXM software suite leverages the advanced diagnostic features of the chipset, along with Ikanos’ patent-pending algorithms, to enable carriers to proactively identify the cause of common wiring fault and noise interference problems.  By enabling the consumer to resolve basic problems locally and enabling carrier personnel to diagnose and resolve more complex issues remotely, carriers can lower operating expenses by reducing the number of service calls and truck rolls, as well as improve consumer loyalty and retention.

Residing primarily on in-home, customer premises equipment, with an optional cloud-based monitoring and reporting component, inSIGHT BXM is uniquely designed to provide a higher degree of visibility and accuracy in identifying and resolving service issues than existing network-based remote monitoring solutions.  With today’s monitoring and diagnostics solutions, carriers can track the effects of service-impacting issues, but have a very limited view of the underlying cause of these issues.  This is due to the carriers’ limited ability to discern wiring and noise impairments in the home from their central office vantage point.  This makes it difficult for these carriers to diagnose and resolve service issues near or inside of the home.  Since Ikanos inSIGHT BXM has an in-home view, it increases the accuracy of problem diagnosis, which helps operators streamline service calls and make smarter decisions on dispatching trucks to the home, and in some cases, eliminate a dispatch altogether. The product further reduces operational expenses by supporting self-diagnostic capabilities that help the broadband consumer solve basic wiring problems, noise issues or configuration issues using information provided by the broadband gateway.

inSIGHT BXM is especially useful for carriers planning to deploy VDSL2 vectoring in the future, as it will help identify actions that enable them to prepare their network to deliver the best possible data rates and quality of experience.

The Ikanos inSIGHT BXM includes the following capabilities:

  • Determines the loop topology without the need to rely on detailed loop records that are often unreliable and out of date.
  • Detects common service-impacting wiring issues, including bridge tap impairments, improperly connected microfilters, wire cuts and bad drop wires.
  • Provides the unique ability to identify common sources of in-home noise interference and determine their impact on the customer experience.
  • Enables both the consumer and carrier personnel to resolve service-affecting issues through an intuitive user interface, enabling problems to be resolved locally while minimizing the need for service calls and truck rolls.

inSIGHT BXM can be deployed as a standalone solution embedded in the company’s family of Fusiv Vx185 A/VDSL2 communication processors. It can also be integrated into carriers’ existing DSL management system and workflows to create a holistic view of the customer experience.

Download the inSIGHT BXM product brief (PDF).

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