Four-Channel Single-Pair SHDSL Chipset

Ikanos’ Orion™ Plus Four-Channel Single-Pair High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (SHDSL) chipset provides low-power, high-density SHDSL solutions for central office (CO) and customer premises equipment (CPE). This chipset is fully programmable and field-upgradeable, eliminating the risk of product obsolescence and accelerating the time-to market for new network services such as Ethernet First Mile (EFM).

The Ikanos Orion Plus Four-Channel SHDSL chipset is comprised of a four-channel Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with built-in framer and four (4) Analog Front End chips, each with an Integrated Line Driver. It is fully interoperable with multi-vendor SHDSL chipset solutions that conform to ITU, ETSI, and IEEE DSL and EFM standards. This chipset supports multi-pair bonding that deliver up to 22.8 Mbps aggregate symmetric data rates utilizing various methods, including ITU M-Pair and IEEE EFM bonding. It also supports a variety of customer interfaces, including xMII, POSPHY, UL2, and Serial

Download the Orion Plus CX98124-11Z product brief (PDF).


Key Features

  • Four-channel DSP with framer that fully integrates 4 separate DSP transceivers into a single device
  • 16-TCPAM and 32-TCPAM line codes
  • Supports quad-channel symmetric line rates of 136 kbps to 5704 kbps
  • Supports IEEE 802.3ah EFM
  • Transmission compliant with ITU-T G991.2 and ETSI TS 101 524
  • Simultaneous support of multiple customer interfaces, e.g. simultaneous xMII and Serial for EFM dual-bearer applications

Development Tools

  • Evaluation Systems
  • Reference Designs
  • Applications Notes
  • Complete Software Suite

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