First Fully Integrated Vectoring Chipset with Full Cancellation

Velocity-3 is Industry’s first fully integrated solution supporting up to 384 lines of vectored VDSL2 to enable deployable, sustained rates of 200Mbps on every line. Its highly scalable architecture can power all types Fiber-copper hybrid (FTTx) access networks. Thanks to its highly integrated design, Velocity-3 requires no external FPGAs or processors, greatly simplifying integration with other system components, reducing power and reducing footprint thus lowering overall system cost. Its unique features like Easy Vectoring, NodeScale bonding etc significantly increase the ROI for the carriers by reducing the cost and complexity of deployment. Modular approach of the Velocity-3’s NodeScale vectoring architecture enables simpler field upgrades of deployed equipment.

Download the Ikanos Velocity-3 product brief (PDF).

Key Features

  • Fully compliant with ITU standard G.993.5 (G.vector) implemented in ASIC
  • NodeScale technology for system scalable to 384 ports for an entire node
  • Full vectoring on all ports and tones to achieve fiber-like performance up to 150/50 Mbps
  • Easy retrofit and upgrade of existing DSLAM chassis to vectoring capability
  • Integrated packet transport for any-port-to-any-port NodeScale bonding

Development Tools

  • Reference Designs
  • Applications Notes
  • Complete Software Suite
  • Bill of materials (BOM)

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