Chipsets for Central Office and Customer Premises Equipment

Ikanos is uniquely positioned to serve the dynamic broadband market with a comprehensive line of products for central office (CO) and customer premises equipment (CPE).  These products are complemented by our communications processors.  And together, these devices enable the provisioning of new revenue-generating triple- and quadruple-play services around the world.

We have a range of broadband DSL semiconductor and software products for VDSL, ADSL and SHDSL implementations. Ikanos VDSL chipsets for DSLAMs and other central office equipment include Ikanos Velocity™-Uni, Velocity™-3 and Velocity™. Our A/VDSL standalone chipsets for customer premises equipment like residential gateways include the Fusiv® Vx-185 and Fusiv® Vx180.  And our SHDSL line includes the Orion™ Plus chipset.

These products set the performance benchmarks for the industry, now reaching up to 100 Mbps, and deliver the robustness, reliability and low-power consumption required by service providers and network equipment manufacturers in every geography.