For xDSL Broadband Deployments

Many service providers chose fiber to the node network (FTTN) architectures that couple optics and copper for maximum advantage – rapid deployment, lower cost, and extremely high-speed performance. In these scenarios, VDSL is increasingly implemented as the last mile connection because it can deliver 100 Mbps throughput and support for expanding service offerings to like triple- and quadruple-play applications.

Residential gateways in these installations must be extremely robust – able to withstand the effects of near-end and far-end cross talk through the use of vectoring technology – to minimize disconnections and maximize quality of service.

Beyond the standard residential gateway requirements, the must-have features of these residential gateways include:

  • xDSL Standards Support – G.99x, G.993.5 (g.vector) and others
  • Robustness and Noise Immunity – support the latest enhancements such as Rapid Rate Adaptation (RRA),
  • Retransmission, Impulse Noise Protection, etc.
  • xDSL Performance – 100 Mbps symmetrical connection rates at distances that allow service providers to deliver
  • Integration – provide cost effective solutions by integrating the processor with the xDSL data pump
  • Power Management – support low power modes during periods of limited data transfer
  • Platform Commonality – ability for the operator to use the same processor and software platform for all their customer premises equipment.