Enabling Fiber-to-the-Home Deployments

Many service providers are choosing to upgrade their networks with fiber from end to end. These networks are capable of delivering a range of advanced services and throughput of 50 to 100 Mbps per user. To effectively provide access to new services, carriers need an optical network terminal (ONT) or fiber to the home (FTTH) gateway with processing power and high-speed interfaces including gigabit Ethernet.

Service providers choosing an FTTH architecture can opt to use either a single optical network terminal to provide services to the home, or a combination of ONT and residential gateway. In this second scenario, the devices are connected together over a high-speed link such as a Gigabit Ethernet cable/fiber, coaxial cable or other medium.

The must-have features of these devices include:

  • High-speed WAN Port – up to one Gbps Ethernet connectivity
  • Platform Commonality – ability for the operator to use the same processor and software platform for their FTTH and xDSL residential gateways
  • PON support – include the PON Media Access Converter (MAC) and allow the optical module to be added in the future.