Enabling Broadband via WiMAX and LTE

Service providers with customers in remote regions are exploring the use of WiMAX and Long-Term Evolution networks to provide broadband services without the cost of laying all new fiber or copper networks. These technologies have the potential of delivering performance of around 10-20 Mbps – a dramatic upgrade from dial up service or no broadband service at all.

The fixed wireless gateways that enabled broadband access will perform similar functions to their wired counterparts. They’ll terminate broadband access at the home and handle in-home networking via Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g/n and other home networking technologies such as HomePNA, HomePlug, MoCA and G.hn. These devices will provide voice services, data access and some video services primarily for standard definition IPTV.

Requirements for these devices include:

  • High-speed WAN Port – up to one Gbps Ethernet connectivity
  • Platform Commonality – ability for the operator to use the same processor and software platform for their FTTH and xDSL residential gateways
  • Power Management – support low power modes during periods of limited data transfer.